What happened so far..

January 2009
The new year brings MagiCapture - a tool to capture your screen or just parts of a screen and then immediately share it friends, upload to the web/ftp or simply paste into other applications.
Read about it here WebWire

December 2008
TopByteLabs releases a new function to download and convert web videos from movie sharing sites going by the name of ClipConverter. Main focus is on handling mobile devices such as I-Phone, I-Pod, Zune, PSP, Blackberry and more. Movies from sharing sites like youtube can now be downloaded and perfectly trimmed for the use of those devices in a few simple steps.


August 2008
With the update to PowerShrink Vers. 3.5. the software now supports all Word, PowerPoint and Excel formats such as: PPT, PPTX, PPTM, POTX, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, DOC, DOCX, DOCM, DOTM, DOTX

PowerShrink can now also be used to support Microsoft Outlook. Office files can now be automatically optimized before sending them as email attachment.

PowerShrink can be added to the toolbars of PPT, Word and Excel with the new Office Addin, available for Office2007, XP and older.

February 2008
TopByteLabs releases the NEW PowerPoint MP3 AddIn. This unique addin was developed as a free tool available to help PowerPoint users in adding MP3 files to PowerPoint Files as easy as possible.
You can download
the MP3 AddIn at www.TopByteLabs.com/freestuff.

TopByteLabs also releases PowerShrink 2008 (Version 3.2) now supporting Excel 97 - 2003 files. The .XLS format can now be compressed.
Download at www.PowerShrink.com

November 2007
Finally! The new TopByteLabs web project is out. The new TopByteLabs.com now includes all its product pages and offers more tools and gadgets. With this new projects comes loads of news, starting with PowerShrink 3.1 now also supporting the XLS 97 - 2003 format and the brand new Office Menu Integration with more comfort working within Office programs. Next comes the free PDF writer, a gift to the world. Also completely free is our variety of Office 2007 preview movies with loads of information about the programs. PowerPoint Users now can enjoy more PowerPoint templates and download them all for not spending a cent.

August 2007
TopByteLabs unleashes PowerShrink 2007. The first software ever that supports all Office 2007 formats including Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007. Extraction of Images works with all formats.

May 2007
Release of PowerShrink 2.7
New file type support: Microsoft Office 2007 - PowerPoint Presentations
New operation: ability to extract all images from presentation in separate folder

March 2007
PowerShrink 2.5 is released. Users now have advanced control and more overview of opened files. PowerShrink also offers the option to save Sound embedded objects and Video embedded objects. The User Interface now supports 8 languages.

January 2007
With the release of PicShrink 1.3 the software now offers the ability to read all embedded informations (Exif Data) of images. German language support is now included.

November 2006
PicShrink version 1.2 is published and released. This tool is designed by TopByteLabs it is not only for the business market but is also easy to use for everyone wanting picture compression. Pictures with PicShrink can now be perfectly optimized for digital use. It is fast and more than effective. PicShrink is also offered as a free tool, with the upgrade version you can compress as many photos at once.
Download a free trial version on www.PicShrink.com

September 2006
X-Shrink version 1.5 is published and released to the market by TopByteLabs Ltd. Continuous press releases become the talk of the internet. This is a much sort after business tool is Microsoft Excel compression software for large Spreadsheets. The function is unique and is only available from TopByteLabs. You can download at http://www.topbytelabs.com/index.php?id=116

Release of PowerShrink version 2.2. The new function added is an file rename function. Minor bug fixes and software enhancements are done as well. New projects are well under way and the request for more successful compression software is hard to ignore.

June 2006
PowerShrink version 2.2 is being designed for the Japanese market in Japanese in collaboration with Altech IT, Tokyo, Japan. The website www.powershrink.jp is developed.

February 2006
PowerShrink version 2.1 is released. Upgrades for free to all previous buyers. PowerShrink & DVDCoverPlus downloads reach up to 10.000 a month. There is a constant request for reseller rights.

January 2006
TopByteLabs Gbr is sold to TopByteLabs Ltd. TopByteLabs Ltd is registered in Birmingham, United Kingdom with an affiliate program in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. CEO duties are passed over to Mr. Sander Pieterse, also Head of Development.

October 2005
TopByteLabs releases DVDCoverPlus. This product was designed as a free tool available to assist in creating DVD covers as easy as possible. You can download at
www.DVDCoverplus.com. PowerShrink version 2.0 has its first public presentation at PPT-TradeShow in Fulda, Germany. A great response is given and much support offered by consumers, resellers and buyers.

April 2005
TopByteLabs is registered as an official company in Germany. The full title is TopByteLabs Gbr, its residence is in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The CEO is Mr. Michael Weber who is also Head of Sales & Support.
PowerShrink is updated to version 2.0 with many new functions and features. The request for more compression software is in demand from TopByteLabs. New tools & software products are in the process of design.

February 2005
There is an unexpected amount of high sales and download rates of PowerShrink. TopByteLabs are more positive than ever that this will be a useful and successful tool. PowerShrink`s official Icon is designed, a well-proportioned superwoman is born and is given the name PowerBetty. More focus on the development and future upgrades are in place for PowerShrink.

November 2004 
PowerShrink is upgraded to version 1.3 and is released on November 4th 2004.
The first public response is positive and exciting for all involved with creating this fast and useful compression software. PowerShrink Marketing takes place on www.PowerShrink.com

July 2004
The decision is made to offer PowerShrink to the commercial market.
TopByteLabs has much experience in powerful designs, Strong IT sources and specialist marketing advice. TopByteLabs now have the necessary resources to make PowerShrink a quality product for the buyer.

April 2004
TopByteLabs is founded. It starts by developing a product for customer's special needs PowerShrink version 1.0. A fast and useful Microsoft PowerPoint compression software function is born. TopByteLabs is hopeful that PowerShrink will soon be installed on several computers and servers globally.