Top Support FAQs

I cannot find my registration details. Where did you hide them?
After purchasing PowerShrink you should receive two EMail from our online payment provider "Esellerate Networks". The first contains the order confirmation, the second the registration details. Or just write an email to sales(at)

How can I upgrade to PowerShrink 2007?
Just write an EMail to sales(at) and request your new registration details. The easiest way is to uninstall the previous version of PowerShrink before installing PowerShrink 2007 from our website.

How can I get reselling rights for TopByteLabs products?
Simply write an email to and our sales team will answer all your questions.

Do you ship CD`s?
Normally, PowerShrink is a download tool only, but if you need a CD of one of our products, we can send you one for additional 14,95 USD.

How can I pay for TopByteLabs products?
You can pay via creditcard or bank transfer. For buying TopByteLabs products online, just click on the "buy now" buttons on our websites. For paying via bang transfer, just write an email to sales(at) for receiving a quote for our products.

Do you support Macintosh?
No, PowerShrink is running on Microsoft Windows only.