X-Shrink 1.5 - Excel Zip Software


Including Picture Export and Compression!

Tired of zipping and unzipping Excel files?
Our Microsoft® Excel® compression solution helps you
compress Excel spreadsheets while keeping the .xls format.

  • Reduce XLS spreadsheet size up to 95%
  • Save network storage
  • Increase network speed when copying "shrunk" files while saving on valuable bandwidth

Microsoft® Office® XP & 2003 ready


It`s so easy to handle!

X-Shrink reduces your Microsoft® Excel® file to a minimum of its original size by keeping all file functionalities.

A Powerful tool with Great Effectivness.
X-Shrink compression rates vary between 50% up to 95%.

Work with more comfort.
Attach other data to your Excel file. Let it automatically be shrinked incorporated into the Excel file. 

"Zipping and Unzipping" belong to the past.
After the compression process you still have the possibility to view and edit the Excel file as it can be opened and edited by any other
Microsoft® Excel® user.

Just open in Excel and work on Excel!
X-Shrink will decompress added files into chosen folder. No third party viewers or tools are needed.

Try all X-Shrink benefits NOW !

  • Shrink XLS files up to 95%
  • Keep the original .XLS file format after shrinking
  • Export pictures from your Excel sheet
  • Compress the pictures inside your Excel sheet
  • Reduces storage space and Network usage
  • Add any file belonging to your Excel document, like .txt or database files and many more
  • Easy to use